Photography. My world in pictures. Welcome on my Blog.

My Name is Benjamin Stäudinger. I’m from Germany and was born in 1983. I actually work as insurance consultant.



I startet in 2009 shooting landscapes. Now and then i’m also making nightshots. In 2011 i moved to Switzerland and with this time, i took my camera always with me. At this time my interest in street photography has grown.

My two milestones are in 2012. I bought a Nikon D90 with 18-105 and my beloved 35mm prime lense. In April 2012 i had been a part of the first “Google Photowalk Zurich” – and it was awesome! My very special “Thank You” to Thomas Leuthard (85mm.ch) and to Gerard Sanz and David Castro from Google / Panoramio.
I still love shoot landscapes (i live in the middle of the swiss alps), street life, cityscapes – all on the day even so in the night.

So please write a comment and a creative critique – for me it’s still a learning process and i want to get better!

Now, come on! Come on tour with:Ben!


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